Our Story

Leb City Greeneries was born in Lebanon, Maine in 2017. With the ups and downs of any new cannabis company trying to find their place in the industry, we always knew expansion without sacrificing quality was our goal. We have since moved into a new facility in Berwick Maine which has allowed us to achieve those goals. As we start our new journey into the medical cannabis delivery world we have kept those same goals in mind of “quality first” and plan to not let up!

Knowledge and passion

We have a very keen eye for high-quality craft Cannabis as Maine Medical Patients, we knew that Leb-City Greeneries would strive only to produce top-tier Medical Cannabis. People who are serious about high-end Medical Cannabis search out certain traits in the flowers that they buy. In our efforts to accommodate such and provide only the best quality, we have always taken the time to ensure all our Phenotypes we cultivate produce nice big ripe, frosty Buds with very distinct terpene profiles and flavors.




We employ this same method when searching out high-end Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, and vape cartridges. We buy from other medical caregivers and wholesalers, while also focusing on price points and keeping a wide variety of products for our medical patients to enjoy.

top-tier Marijuana

With years of experience with medical-grade marijuana, our products lead the industry in quality and value. We are breaking the mold with a unique experience that gives our customers the convenience of at-home delivery without sacrificing quality. Our value is unbeatable by skipping the costs of a large dispensary, while our customer service remains incredible! Give our knowledgeable staff a call and experience the Leb-City Difference!

Delivered Right To Your Door


Leb City


Leb city greeneries was founded In Lebanon Maine. We take pride in knowing that all of our products are sourced 100% in the great state of Maine by our professional buying team. We go the extra mile to deliver a personal touch to every order that goes out to our patients, from our friendly and knowledgeable delivery team, to our extensive list of high grade cannabis products, we know you will love it at Leb-City!